1981"Lasa Marmo" is successfully back on the World Market with excellent profits

Sonzogno pushed sales intensively. New contacts were made in North America and Asia and he succeeded in getting orders from Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and North America. The company’s balances from 1981 until his death, in 1989, show profits ranging from a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 180 million lire after taxes.

Thus Sonzogno managed to increase the yearly turnover from just under 280 million to 2.41 billion, without much increasing the number of employees. Only once in those nine years the company paid its shareholders the profits of 130 million lire. The rest was all reinvested in Lasa. For a long time calm returned. 25,000 m² of "Lasa Ortles" and "Vena d 'Oro" adorn the walls of the First Federal Building in Miami, Florida / USA.