2018Lasa Marmo celebrates its 90th anniversary

The Lasa Marmo industry is celebrating a double anniversary. On 25 September 2018, Lasa Marmo celebrates its 90th anniversary as a major industry. On the anniversary day 90 years ago, in a Milanese law office, the Milanese lawyer Roberto Pozzi, on behalf of the Munich sculptor Mathias Gasteiger, and the Bolzano lawyer Viktor Perathoner Junior, on behalf of his client, the engineer Karl Francini, who worked in Laas (Lasa) and came from Vienna, put their signatures to a written act which sealed the transformation of the "«LASA» Marmorindustrie Gesellschaft m.b.H." (the company name in the German language) / "«LASA» Industria del Marmo a.g.l." (the company name in the Italian language), already founded in 1925 by Gasteiger and Francini, into a joint-stock company. The first managing director of the newly founded public limited company "Società Anonima Lasa per l'Industria del Marmo", or "Lasa Marmo" for short, was the Fürth geologist and chemist Dr. Ernst Schröder. 18 November 2018 also marked the tenth anniversary of the takeover of Lasa Marmo by Lechner Marmor AG (JSC). The future is 3D and virtual. In September 2018, at the world's largest trade fair in the marble sector, Marmo+Mac in Verona, a 3D model of the White Water Quarry (Weißwasserbruch) will be exhibited for the first time at the Lasa Marmo stand.