1928Incorporation of the joint-stock 'Lasa Anonymous Company for the Marble industry' (in short: Lasa Marmo) with U.S. capital.

The ‘Lasa Anonymous Company for the Marble industry’ (in short: "Lasa Marmo" or simply "Lasa") was incorporated in 1928 under German management and with German, American and Italian capital. As a takeover of Gasteiger’s business, the company acquired the Weisswasser quarry and modernized the business according to the grand plans of Eng. Francini by implementing machines, cranes, cable cars and inclined planes. These efforts transformed the company into the best-equipped marble firm in the whole of Europe.

A promising forecast on the perspective marble purchases from the U.S.A. and Francini’s optimistic assessment on the yearly marble extraction potential convinced investors to begin business with Lasa. The International Marble Corporation was incorporated in the United States on September 28th 1928 with a starting capital of 2 million dollars, as a holding company for marketing "Lasa Marmo” on the US market.