2020In the Corona Year, Lasa Marmo receives the award "Historic Company of Italy"

The global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen in February/March 2020 also had an impact on the LASA marble industry. For the first time since the Second World War, processing operations in Lasa (Laas) had to be interrupted for five weeks due to an emergency decree issued by the Italian Prime Minister. The measure applied to all industrial operations in Italy that did not serve the basic needs of the population. During this time, numerous protective measures were implemented for the employees of Lasa Marmo to prevent the risk of infection with the COVID-19 pathogen. The digitalisation of production and processing procedures introduced in 2019 is also proving to be the right decision. Despite difficult accompanying circumstances, such as the pandemic-related entry restrictions for people in various countries (e.g. USA, Great Britain), Lasa Marmo was able to implement and realise interesting projects. In New York, for example, the lobby of the 197-metre-high skyscraper at 550 Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan project was realised. Despite the lockdown, Lasa Marmo was able to deliver the processed material to the full satisfaction of the customer and without any delays in the construction. The client's inspection of the area laid out in the classic "dry lay" was approved by means of live drone transmission.
For the introduction of the company name "LAASA" in 1912 by the Munich artist and sculptor Mathias Gasteiger, Lasa Marmo 2020 was entered in the national register of "Historic Companies of Italy" by the national chamber of commerce association "UNIONCAMERE". The association awards the registration to companies with a history of more than 100 years as a "distinction to those businesses and companies that have undergone the most profound changes and characteristics of a national and territorial identity over time, as well as having developed the ability to combine innovation and tradition, cultural openness and belonging to the national community".