2008Georg Lechner is appointed managing director of "Lasa Marmo AG” together with Paul Graf

A new chapter in the history of the white gold of Lasa begins with the purchase of Lasa Marmo AG by Lechner Marmor AG. On one hand the excellent work of the Sonzogno family finds an adequate follow-up, on the other hand the transfer brings the existing company into a better market position. Georg Lechner is appointed CEO of Lasa marble AG, together with dr. Paul Graf. After 87 years a Lechner of the "Lechner Marble Dinasty" gets the management of the Weisswasser quarry. Mindful of the old traditions, Georg Lechner reintroduces the celebrations for St. Barbara, patroness of the miners, on December 4th, and also reintroduces the old Lechner logo. One of Georg Lechner’s first official acts is a new application for granting Lechner Marmor AG the concession to build a new cableway system for the Jennewand quarry. As owner of Lasa marble AG, there are no longer any obstacles to the use of the existing transport facilities.