1990Georg Lechner, great grandson of ‘Marmor-Lechner’, meets multimedia entrepreneur Bernhard Burgener in Basel

Until the early 90s, the powerful dynasty of Marmor-Lechne had only been associated with its glorious past. But in addition to land, houses and flats, anecdotes and stories, "Marmor Lechner" had left his family the right to extract at the Jennewand quarry.

Josef Lechner, the son of "Marmor Lechner", had extracted a few blocks from the quarry at an altitude over 2300 meters, but the excessive cost of labor led to the end of any systematic exploitation. In 1987, Georg Lechner, son of Joseph and grandson of "Marmor Lechner”, founded a company for manufacturing and marketing the natural stone.

It produced dice, watches and gift items made with Lasa’s marble. Georg Lechner wanted to re-open the Jennewand quarry, but the operation required solid investors. A new relationship, followed by an intensive commercial partnership developed from a chance encounter between the great - grandson of "Marmor Lechner" and Swiss multimedia entrepreneur Bernhard Burgener during a trade show in Basel in 1990.