1992Georg Lechner founds 'Lechner Marmor AG'

In 1992 Georg Lechner and Burgener founded ‘Lechner Marmor AG’ with the aim of restoring the extraction of marble from Lechner’s quarries in Val di Lasa. Their short-term vision was that of a firm active in the fields of marble and natural stone processing, specialized in the sales and promotion of Lasa’s marble. The project combined extraction, processing and trading of the marble. All operations were intentionally local, based in Lasa, as one of the goals was the promotion of The Vinschgau’s craft and artistic heritage.

Georg Lechner contributed to the new joint-stock company with the tradition of his name, the trademark "Marble from Lasa" and the mining rights inherited from his father. Burgener provided the missing capital by convincing Swiss investors belonging to the circle of his closest friends and business partners.