1912Gasteiger establishes the "Lasa - Marmorbruchbetrieb"

Gasteiger’s commercial idea was to cover the façades of important buildings with Lasa’s marble rather than using it for sculptures. Gasteiger had become popular thanks to his "Brunnenbüberl” in Munich and was warmly welcomed in Lasa. The municipality thought it had finally found someone who would take up the bankrupt Nesselwand quarry.

During negotiations with the municipality Gasteiger must have aroused the impression of being the rich uncle from America. Gasteiger’s project included building a road just for the quarries and introducing shareholders for the company. Gasteiger must have thought of the melodic Italian name Carrara when he decided to add a euphonic "a" to the German name "Laas", The marble business in Lasa was dominated by his competitor Hauser at the time. Gasteiger set up the headquarters of "Laasa Marmorbruchbetrieb in Laas (Tirol)” in Via Dante 2 , Munich.