1826Franz Karl Leopold von Klenze

There is documentation of a visit to the Vinschgau, in June 1826, by Leo von Klenze, a Bavarian Secret Counselor and building Superintendent at Court, along with a building inspector. They had come for an inspection of the marble quarries, to ensure the material's suitability for various major projects to be undertaken in Munich.

Klenze had, among other things, been entrusted with the general reorganization of building works in Munich. Examples of his work include the Marstall, Königsplatz, Ludwigstrasse, the Glyptoteque, the Haslauer-Block, the Loggia of the Glory, the old art gallery and the Residenz.

Between 1826 and 1828 the Odeon was also built according to his plans. Other building works by Klenze include the Walhalla in Regensburg, the Hall of Liberation in Kelheim, the Konstitutionssäule in Gaibach and the Kanaldenkmal near Burgberg in Erlangen. His projects were often complemented by groups of statues by the Bavarian sculptor Ludwig Schwanthaler.