1873Foundation of the Marmorfachschule in Lasa, by Johannes Steinhäuser

In 1873 Johannes Steinhäuser founded the Marmorfachschule with the help of state subsidies. This was a school specializing in the processing of marble. Steinhäuser was the man who brought the almost unknown village of Lasa and its marble to worldwide renown.

Not satisfied with the marble firm being a place of learning and a source of work for the local population, he also wanted to establish a proper specialist school. His idea eventually managed to convince the relevant offices in Vienna.

The "K.k. Fachschule für Steinbearbeitung", the Imperial and Royal specialist school for stone processing, was opened in 1879. This school, where faculty members were also outstanding personalities, produced many skilled masons and sculptors. The school was moved to Bolzano in 1911 and there closed in 1930. A new school for stone processing was opened in 1982, in line with the new demand for specialized institutes.