2019First project with digital planning completed

The future of marble processing is digital. Under this motto, the management of "Lasa Marmo" made several investments with the aim of digitalising the planning and execution of construction projects. For this purpose, a special high-performance scanner was purchased, which precisely scans all finished raw slabs in the production hall at the end of the processing. The different colour patterns of the slabs are stored in a digital database. In cooperation with a partner, the "Digital dry lay" process was used for the first time in the course of designing the new lobby wall for the 100 Bishopsgate-Tower in London. In this innovative process, the digitally captured slabs/panels are "virtually cut" on the PC first and laid according to the pattern of the slabs/panels as specified by the customer to create a coherent overall image. In a second phase, the raw panels are cut exactly according to the "virtually" created design. The new method enables clients, planners and architects to view and assess the implementation of the respective projects even from a distance. This is a great advantage, especially for customers outside of the European continent. At the "BAU" trade fair in Munich, Lasa Marmo also presented a 3D video shot with a drone in the White Water Quarry (Weißwasserbruch). With VR glasses, the interior of the Lasa Marmo quarry can be viewed in 360° view mode. Due to the digital database created, which includes more than 3,000 slabs of refined LASA marble, Lasa Marmo is introducing its trademark LASA !ndividual® for all those slabs that deviate from the previously existing classic range of the LASA BIANCO® and LASA VENATO® lines.