1943Ente Nazionale per le Tre Venezie takes over Lasa Marmo

The fact that the Lasa eventually passed to a new owner in early 1943, is due to the agreement between Hitler and Mussolini on the transfer of German and Ladin minorities, the so-called options.

Financial management of the ‘options’ was entrusted to the Deutsche Abwicklungstreuhand Gesellschaft - DAT on the German side and to the Economic and Financial Agency for the Transfer of ‘Allogeni’ and German citizens on the Italian end. After lengthy negotiations, the two institutions established the amount for the liquidation of Hardy Bank to 13.8 million Lire. The corporation that eventually paid the liquidation sums and took over the operation of Lasa was the National Agency for the Tre Venezie, a successor of the ERA organization, founded in 1921 to promote the reconstruction of the Tre Venezie (Northeastern Italy).