1922Engineer Karl Francini runs the new "Lasa Marmorindustrie GmbH”

Gasteiger’s business registered a considerable performance improvement after hiring the Viennese engineer Karl Francini, who had previously been working for Hauser’s firm. Gasteiger hired Francini as a manager in 1922 and offered him a 10% share of the newly formed company "Lasa Marmorindustrie GmbH."

Francini conceived large projects for extractions and transportation facilities. He presented calculations and forecasts on the extraction potential on the basis of an adequate investment plan. Gasteiger’s main objective was to find additional investors.

In addition to the numerous contracts, chance was to produce the desired success thanks to the unexpected encounter with geologist and chemist Ernst Schröder from Berlin. Carl Wölfel, mediator of the German firm "Grasyma AG” based in Wunsiedel, introduced the much coveted investor: a financial group that had close contacts with the bank Hardy & Co in Berlin and was prepared to invest in Lasa.