1966Corporate capital saves 'Lasa Marmo'

In 1966, the shareholders of ‘Lasa Marmo’ (Cava Romana with 190.000, Giuseppe Sonzogno with 9990 and Azioni Finanziaria Trentino with 10 shares) reduced the corporate capital by 70 million lire, in order to cover for the losses. This was mutually agreed during an extraordinary plenary meeting held on December 29. They later decided to raise the corporate capital again through additional payments to return to the original 200 millions. These decisions gave Giuseppe Sonzogno and his "Lasa Marmo" some temporary relief.

The entrepreneur from Trieste was rather "literally in love with the marble from Lasa”. For him "Lasa was Lasa”, he was not a speculator whose operations were ruled by lust for profit, He would have given up a deal rather than underselling his marble by reducing it to the level of Carrara’s. The "master" would not even have lowered himself to thinking of transforming the waste material into granulated products: the stock of marble blocks thus began to accumulate again. With these decisions the state of "Lasa Marmo" returned to normality.