1929Construction of the most modern marble transport structure in Europe

The forecast, based on an analysis of the American market, indicated that Lasa’s marble would have good perspectives. A second research, conducted by Columbia University, showed that Lasa’s marble had more chances than Carrara’s one. A further document dated April 30th 1928 and compiled by the English mineral expert Mr. A.W. Ibbett, confirmed the excellence of Lasa’s marble, while the New York marble expert Mr. Borgia estimated that a yearly sale of 10,000 cubic meters of marble would have produced a gain of almost $ 1 million.

The equity capital contributed by the investors towards Lasa consisted of 5 million Italian Lire of the time, and Gasteiger’s company was bought into the newly established enterprise. After a year and a half from the planning stage, which had started in the spring of 1929, the most modern marble extraction plants in Europe were being created in Lasa.