1864Carl Steinhäuser

Professor Carl Steinhauser, a sculptor from Bremen, had seen the work of Ludwig Schwanthaler in Monaco of Bavaria and had already become acquainted with the marble of Lasa in his youth, when he had crossed the region in 1835 en route to Rome, where he was to complete his training and begin a successful career.

In 1863 he was offered a teaching post in a newly established art school in Karlsruhe. He was also asked to create sculptures for the garden of the castle of that city on behalf of his sponsor, the Archduke Frederick von Baden.

Steinhäuser required marble supplies from Schweizer who was, however, seeking the most profitable way to exploit his rights. In 1864 he entered into a subcontract with Steinhäuser to extract in Covelano and Lasa. The expert quarry manager had understood that assigning extraction rights to contractors was more profitable than selling the marble itself.