1979A new contract

April 9th 1979 was a decisive day for Giuseppe Sonzogno. On that Monday the contract signed at the time of Hardy between Mathias Gasteiger and Lasa’s Municipality for the Weisswasser, Tarnellerbrückl and Nesselwand quarries, would expire after 50 years. That very same day Sonzogno sent a letter to Lasa’s Mayor Leo Platter, inviting him to conclude the negotiations that had been under way for weeks.

But the town of Lasa had decided against Sonzogno in the meantime. Province vice-President Alfons Benedikter, one of Vinschgau’s representatives in the Provincial Council, invited the Municipality to replace Sonzogno with "an economically stronger partner." The new contract was therefore meant to be short-term only, in order to sanction the end of the matter "once and for all". Since no real alternative to Sonzogno could be found, the parties eventually came, after lengthy and laborious negotiations, to a new agreement one year after the end of the previous contract.