The marble deposits

The marble massif in the Lasa Valley (Laaser Tal) which Lasa Marmo uses, rises along the northeast fold flank of the Ortles Group (Ortlerguppe), about 40 km west of the city Merano (Meran), within the municipal area of Lasa (Laas) in the Venosta Valley (Laaser Tal). The limestone which sedimented 400 million years ago in the north of Africa was transformed by overburden pressure and temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius into white, metamorphic marble and during the Variscan orogeny (mountain making) shifted to the area of Lasa (Laas). The entire marble deposit of the so-called Laas Unit, which describes very large pure white inclusions of marble, is estimated to 500 million cubic meter.

Hand in hand with nature and the local population

It is a declared goal of Lasa Marmo Ltd. to preserve and redevelop the Marble Railway, which is more than 80 years old and is still operating with its original parts, as the transport structure for the white natural stone. As a company, we take account of the fact that our quarry zones are located in an ecologically highly sensitive area of Stelvio National Park (Nationalpark Stilfserjoch), which was founded in 1935. Our project to win the white Lasa Marble in keeping with the ecosystem of the national park is not just an empty claim – the new owners of Lasa Marmo Ltd. have proved this in 2007 already, with the field mapping of the ground surface in the Lasa Valley (Laaser Tal).

The Jenn Cliff Quarry: Europe’s highest located marble quarry

The Lechner Marmor JSC possesses three quarries between 1653 m and 2288 m altitude, of which the Upper and Lower Jenn Cliff Quarry. A modern transportation cableway that reaches to the Upper Jenn Cliff Quarry has been built in 2012, already, so that also there the extraction underground can be done in an environmentally friendly way. The gallery in the Upper Jenn Cliff Quarry is situated in a nearly vertical rock face at an altitude of 2228 m. It is the highest located marble quarry in Europe. Large deposits of the purely white Lasa Marble are located in the Jenn Cliff.