Stephansplatz Bamberg

Lasa marble enlivens the completely renovated buildings of the church community centre

In the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bamberg (Bavaria), on St. Stephen's Square, adjacent to the historic St. Stephen's Church, is the Stephanshof, the Protestant-Lutheran centre of the parish of St. Stephen. In the course of the 2015 general renovation of the Stephanshof, the inner courtyard of the parish centre was also redesigned. The planners of the redevelopment, the Würzburg architects and graduate engineers Grellmann Kriebel Teichmann, chose Lasa Marmo natural split (cleaved faces) marble cobblestones for the redesign of the courtyard area. Apart from its special colour characteristics, Lasa Marble is also characterised by its resistance to frost and de-icing salt. Paving floors made of Lasa Marble are also an ideal and easy-care product for outdoor areas. These good characteristics also apply in particular to inner courtyards that can be driven over. Lasa Marmo supplied paving stones in the traditional format 8 x 8 x 8 cm for the Protestant community centre. An area of around 500 square meters was laid.

Project Information

Bamberg, Germany, 2015

Product:Paving stones 8x8x8 cm
Surface:Rough cleaved
Architect:Grellmann Kriebel Teichmann
Photos:© Firma hatec Lichttechnik

Lasa marble mixed