Raiffeisen Bank Lasa (Laas)

From counter to feel-good bank with the finest Lasa marble

On 5 August 2021, the completely newly refurbished and redesigned interior of the Raiffeisenkasse (Raiffeisen Bank) Lasa (Laas) was opened to customers and members. Included: the finest and most refined Lasa Marmo marble. The client and planners opted for the LASA VENATO FIOR DI MELO®, LASA BIANCO NUVOLATO® and LASA BIANCO ORTLES® varieties to create the surface cladding for floors, counters, walls, window sills and the external staircase. There are even signs made of Lasa marble with engraved and colour-painted text in front of the bank.

Project Information

Lasa, Italy, 2021

Product:Flooring 40x2 cm and 20x2 cm
cover panels for counters, window sills, skirtings
external staircase 4 cm, wall covers, signs
Volume:100 m2
Surface:honed, polished, sandblasted
Photos:© Renè Riller
Medialinks:Vinschgerwind 2021
sBlattl 2021

LASA Bianco Nuvolato™®LASA Bianco Ortles™®LASA Venato Fior di Melo®™