Private House, Lasa (Laas)

Building shell refined with Lasa marble chippings provides a radiant white façade

The popularity of adding Lasa marble chippings to uncovered concrete as an aggregate is growing. In 2017/2018, the South Tyrolean architects Christian Monsorno and Katja Trauner used white exposed concrete for the shell of a newly built single-family house in Lasa (Laas).

From the outset, architects and builders wanted to incorporate the natural stone from Lasa (Laas) into modern architecture. Due to the location of the house on a slight slope, the white rectangular structure was recessed and opened to the outside with two cantilevered building parts on the north and south sides. Particularly worth mentioning: the use of 250 tonnes of marble chippings with a grain size of 8/16 mm.

Project Information

Lasa, Italy, 2017/2018

Product:White concrete with marble from Laas (building shell and limiting wall)
Volume:250 tons gravel 8/16 mm
Architect:Christian Monsorno & Katja Trauner
Photos:Renè Riller