Our types of marble

Which quality product can claim to have 400 million years of history and to have inspired people for thousands of years? It is its special history, its special origin and its highly crystalline structure that gives it its exceptional hardness and durability as well as its unique sparkle.

Due to a twofold metamorphosis in its formation, our Lasa marble is particularly hard and pressure-resistant. It is particularly weather resistant, frost-resistant and waterproof, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even in the pool area or for outdoor façades at sub-zero temperatures.

Convinced of the quality and uniqueness of our marble, you still have the choice of one of our commercial varieties: can it be white or slightly cloudy marble from our LASA Bianco® line or differently veined marble from our LASA Venato® line? Or do you like it very creative and colourful and prefer to choose a unique specimen from the LASA !ndividual® programme?

As a decision-making aid, you will find here a selection of our diverse grades and their use in various areas of application in a wide variety of projects worldwide.

LASA Bianco Perla®

LASA Bianco Classico®

LASA Bianco Ortles®

LASA Bianco Nuvolato®

LASA Bianco Nuvolato Forte®

LASA Venato Vena d'Oro®

LASA Venato Vena Verde®

LASA Venato Fior di Melo®

LASA Venato®

LASA Venato Cevedale®

LASA Venato Arabescato®

LASA !ndividual®