The product

Lasa Marble is a very hard, robust and weatherproof marble. In particular, during the ending 19th century countless architects and stone sculptors preferably used white Lasa Marble and to this day it coins the neoclassical architecture of large European cities like Vienna, Munich and Berlin. Among the most famous works of Lasa Marble are the General-Moltke-Monument in Berlin, the Monumental Pallas Athena Fountain in front of the Parliament in Vienna, the Queen-Victoria-Memorial in front of the Buckingham Palace in London, and the Heinrich-Heine-Memorial in New York. Further worth to be mentioned are the more than 90’000 crosses for the fallen US soldiers in the Second World War. For these military cemeteries on four continents, the USA wanted to use only the best and purest white marble worldwide.

The White Gold

Values are immovable. Natural stone, as tool, and as objet d’art has accompanied men ever since. One of the most beautiful forms in stone presents itself in the marble, whether as a blank stone that decorates a house or as a polished statue coruscating in the sun.

Countless blocks of white Lasa Marble have over the years been worked by artists and sculptors across the world. The in this way created works are still today commonly appreciated and admired. Most impressive is probably the natural stone itself, as it does not lose any of its natural beauty. The qualities of Lasa Marble lie in its high weather resistance, in which it outperforms any other marble.