Raw material / special design

The weather resistant white Lasa Marble has been a popular building material ever since. Through the formation of the 'k.k Fachschule für Steinbearbeitung' (imperial and royal professional school for stone working) in 1870, Laas (Lasa) in the Venosta Valley (Vinschgau) became a center for sculptural arts. The white gold from Laas (Lasa) has become a treasured raw material for many artists of the last Third in the 19th century. Even if today, the sculptural usage of Lasa Marble has taken a back seat compared to its manufacturing as building material, the Lasa Marmo Ltd. offers raw blocks and raw slabs, irrespective of the intended purpose, may it be a new marble sculpture, a new marble memorial or for other projects. In our in-house sculptor workshop, we manufacture special parts and offer individual and custom-made solutions, as well as 3D parts made-to-order.