Indoor / interior uses

Constructing with natural stone is not only environmentally friendly but also healthy. As a natural product, the building material does not contain any health hazardous substances. Moreover, natural stone is fireproof and does not require any covering or impregnation. To decide on white marble from Lasa (Laas) means to decide for the most popular natural stone from South Tyrol. Thanks to its long life-expectancy, the low maintenance costs, and due to its qualities as a precious and aesthetically appealing building material, the white stone from Lasa (Laas) is gladly used for floorings and in stair covers. However, also other ranges of use for Lasa Marble interior fitting become more popular: In the bathroom, solid elements, such as sinks and slabs for washbasins can be found besides the classic marble tiles and natural stone floor plates. Popular in the kitchen are, for instance, kitchen counters and worktops of Lasa Marble, and in the living room, a splendid white marble chimney or fireplace surround makes for the right atmosphere of the homestead. There is a wide range of applications for Lasa Marble in interiors / indoor environments, and each natural stone tile, each natural stone slab, each window sill, each skirting, each flooring, each staircase and each wall cladding made of Lasa Marble is one of a kind.