Marmomac 2017 - "The Nature of things"

Christian Bolt presented his masterpiece at the Lasa Marmo exhibition.

From 27th September to 30th September 2017, some 1,800 exhibitors devoted themselves to the marble and its virtually inexhaustible range of possibilities on over 80,000 square meters of exhibition space in Verona. As the largest and most important trade fair in Europe for this tradition-rich and noble stone, this year again Marmomac provided a comprehensive insight into the overwhelming material and technical diversity offered by marble.

This year at the exhibition presentation by Lasa Marmo Ltd. company at Marmomac in Verona, center stage was taken by the artwork "The Nature of Things" created by the Swiss sculptor and painter Christian Bolt. See also our own article.

Visitors to the extraordinary Lasa Marmo exhibition stand were able to take the first (and equally impressive) steps along the “touch and feel” barefoot path, which accompanied the installation by Christian Bolt. It was thus possible to live and experience Lasa marble through the fascinating ambivalence of nature and culture with all its physical and aesthetic possibilities.