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The scanning of raw slabs not only makes it possible for LASA MARMO to go one digital step further in sales, but also to set new standards in planning.

The new solution for this is called DDL® and was developed in partnership with the German planning office ArtEmotional GmbH. The demand for special vein gradients and transitions, or the desire to play with them in one's project, has always existed. In the past, such design ideas failed because of the high costs and difficult handling, but DDL® now offers architects, designers and planners highly attractive planning and economic possibilities and a new customer service: they can upload their plans to the platform in real time. With the marble raw slabs selected there, the plans can be blended directly and individually. In the process, raw slabs are digitally fitted and cut out on the screen to the respective part size for the project and according to personal design ideas.

The team members are determined from project to project depending on the task and function and invited via the platform. Different blending variants can be loaded directly into rendering programmes if required. The client can already make a first approval on-screen. The output of the reports is broken down in detail for LASA MARMO as a stone processor. The reports are thus the first catalyst for fast and effective cost calculation, tender preparation and work preparation. The extended reports for quality management allow a direct and spontaneous production control per stone to be cut. Even in the case of spontaneous inspections or acceptance by the builder.

Another important advantage of the new planning tool: used accordingly, thanks to DDL®, it is possible to optimise the net yield of the raw slab. A sustainable way of working is fostered by DDL®, ecologically and economically.

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