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Nature at its purest state

Marble is much more than simply a stone. It is a beautiful, natural wonder which has remained hidden under the earth’s surface for centuries. Each individual block has its very own particular colour, structure and patina and marble has been the favourite building material for elegant houses and imposing palaces throughout history. Marble is, without doubt, one of the most attractive natural materials. Architects, designers, interior decorators, artists and home-owners alike choose it for its delicate colour variations and unique texture.

White Gold from Lasa

Lasa Marble is known for its exceptionally pure, snow-white colour. It is comprised of crystallised calcium and is believed to be something like four hundred million years old. In contrast to other marbles, Lasa marble is particularly resistant to frost and other adverse weather conditions as well as to the salt used on icy winter roads. It is very versatile and is beautiful, practical and highly functional.

Unique characteristics

Lasa marble is a pricelessly beautiful natural material with exceptional, exquisite, unique characteristics. Marble has been quarried for centuries on the Lasa “Jennwand” face at between 1,555 and 2,350 metres above sea-level. Marble was once mainly used for artistic works - sculptures and statues which can still be admired all over the world.