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Lasa marble world-wide

The systematic and industrial quarrying of Lasa Marbles dates back to the middle of the past century. In 1848, the Munich stonemason Bernhard Schweizer acquired the quarrying rights. He provided marble to the court sculptor Schwanthaler, who served King Ludwig I. of Bavaria. In 1865, Johannes Steinhäuser came from Karlsruhe to Laas (Lasa), and he founded the 'Laaser Marmorwerke' (Lasa marble works). The today existing professional school for stone working is named after him. In 1883, Josef Lechner began with the systematic quarrying of the white natural stone at the White Water Quarry. In 1912, Mathias Gasteiger found the 'Laasa – Marmorbruchbetrieb in Laas mit Sitz in München' (Laasa – marble quarrying company in Laas domiciled in Munich).

It is thanks to these pioneers that the white natural stone from South Tyrol is at home all over the world. While the precious material was first, during the peak period for artworks around the turn of the century, mainly shipped to the European neighboring countries and to a few royal dynasties overseas and to the United States, works of Lasa Marble are today found and appreciated all over the world. Singapore, Riyadh, Kuala Lumpur, Auroville (India), Abu-Dhabi, Memphis Tennessee and New York, just to name a few examples.

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