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The Lasa Marble Railway Line

The Lasa “marble train” of the Vinschgau (Venosta) valley is a true work of technical art and was constructed according to exact specifications. It is the only one of its kind in the world and is runs through a small area of the Stilfser Joch (Stelvio) National Park. The Lasa Marble Railway is a recognised monument and bears testimony to the pioneering history of the technical successes of its era. It is the only railway in Europe which still works with its original parts and has been doing so non-stop since 1930 when it was inaugurated. It is very rightly listed as one of the Cultural and Technical Masterpieces of the province of Bozen (Bolzano), Northern Italy. The Lasa Marble Railway carries the raw marble from the Weißwasser (Withe Water) quarry down a steep incline as far as the valley below in four distinct stages. The railway was built in the year 1928 at the wish of Matthias Gasteiger, a local South Tyrolean quarry owner and sculptor who lived and worked in Munich, the main city of Bavaria in southern Germany. The project, the work of a certain engineer Karl Francini, was carried out by Bleichert & Co. of Leipzig one year later in 1929. It is an exceptional, virtually automatic means of transport. In the short time spanning the end of May and beginning of June 1920, more than 300 men worked on building this pioneer of funicular railways which carries the crude marble blocks to the works in a virtually automatic sequence. A telepheric crane carries raw marble blocks from the White Water quarry to the funicular railway station and then the little train takes them down 1,500 metres into the Laas (Lasa) valley where they are loaded onto railway wagons. An engine then pulls the blocks 1,900 metres through the forest as far as the second funicular station.

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