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The Lasa Marmo JSC

In November 2008, the Lechner Marmor JSC took over the todays Lasa Marmo Ltd. domiciled in Lasa (Laas), South Tyrol. The consolidation of the two corporations was an important milestone in the recent history of Lasa Marble. Thereby, it is for the first, that the historic mining places and quarries in the Lasa Valley (Laaser Tal) – namely the White Water Quarry, Quarry Tarnell, Quarry Nessel Cliff and the Jenn Cliff Quarries – are united under one roof.

Today’s 'Laaser Marmorindustrie Ltd.' (abbreviated 'Lasa Marmo Ltd.') is a corporation with single shareholder and the direction and coordination on part of Lechner Mamor JSC, Lasa / Laas, VAT no. + registration no. commercial register BZ 01463720217, nominal capital € 15.000.000, liable.

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